Histoiry of Dildo

A dildo is an artificial penis likely to be introduced in the vagina or in the anus. It can be found anyhow and in any materials: leather, wood, metal, ivory, ebonite, bakelite, latex... It was venerated by ancient worships and it was used during ceremonies by women, priestesses or believers,. Geek women loved dildos made in Milet, in Asia Minor. These gadgets were carved into a piece of wood and covered with leather. In ancient China, female homosexuality wasn’t really taken into account: it was considered as unavoidable. The “male” partner introduced one end of the dildo in her partner’s “Cinnabar Fissure”, tied up the central part to her waist with silk ribbons and used its other end as if it was a Jade Shaft.
(Le sexe dans l’histoire, Robert Laffont, 1982.)

A large part of the erotic literature is dedicated to Dildo. In some novels, it is found as an accessory, but also as a main theme in lots of books such as the priest of Laurens’s “The wonderful and edifying history of dildo” (1763) or Nicolas Chorier’s “Academy of ladies” (1680). Dictionnary of fantasy and perversion, Brenda B.Love Édition.

Cf other Dildos found.

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