About I ...

French game on words: you say “je” for “jeu” that is to say “I” for “game”

Though this title is not to be taken seriously, I claim the right to be a unique and free artist ( just like 6 billion people). For 25 years now, I’ve been trekking in my “niçoises”(from Nice) mountains to graze my goats. Yes, because I’m a goatherd; and to avoid boredom, I always keep a good book with me ((H. Miller, Sade, Esparbec, G. Apollinaire, Colette...) and a Laguiole knife ( a knife with a horn handle)
Why a Laguiole?
Because after Love, I have a passion for the sensual woodwork. And one day, on following the curbs of a piece of boxwood, a beautiful penis was born under my fingers.
Ah! What a sensual pleasure!
Today, my creations are on the web.
Now, it’s your turn to play!

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